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Friday, November 21, 2014

Product Review: benefit bad gal LASH mascara!

Hello lovelies! I am so happy it is Friday and I can kick back and relax for a bit before the week starts again. This semester is almost over in just a few weeks and I can't wait! It's been a very tough academic year and the transition from my small college to a giant state university has been a bit traumatizing. (I'm over it though lol). I think I will be doing a school series soon enough over the winter break so if anyone has questions for me please leave it down in the comments below! 
Today I am reviewing for you guys one of my favorite mascaras! It is the benefit bad gal LASH mascara! I recently bought it in its travel size form for about fifteen dollars and it was completely worth every penny. I would love it even more if it was waterproof but I believe they have the full bottle version in waterproof. We will see. In this video I will show you a demo and a quick recap of how amazing this product works. It does everything a volumizing mascara should do and more. 
I love it! Which mascara is your favorite?

BTW There will be a few changes going on here at TheFashionQueen so bare with me. 
I will be revealing more exciting things soon like my 500 subbies giveaway! 
If you have any recommendations on what YOU would like to win then please let me know in the comments below. Till then I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Guest Post: Rouge's Top 4 Winter Staples!

    Hey there and welcome back to the Fashion Queen Official! This post is part 2 of the collab I’m doing with the Queen herself. I’ve put together a post about my top 4 winter staples.  They are the Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge (deep cleansing), Josie Maran Argan Oil, Kate Moss Edition Lipstick (01) and of course EOS Lip Balm in Blueberry Acai. Coupled together these products will make your winter a lot more bearable. Healthy and blemish free skin is your canvas, never forget that! Ever since I bough the facial sponge it has made a difference. The sponge initially comes hardened and then softens with water. I absolutely love it! You start off by applying soap to your skin, then apply water to the sponge and scrub away. It’s made out of very delicate fibers so it’s not abrasive on your skin. It’s great on sensitive and dry skin, thats what I love about it!
Next up we have the Josie Maran Argan Oil. If you haven't already tried it, I really hope after reading this post you will pop into your local Ulta/Sephora and definitely check it out! Argan Oil is pressed from the kernels of the Argan tree, native to Morocco. It can be used on your face or hair. A lot of people who suffer from acne have benefited from using this oil. Personally I have dry skin so I find that this oil is amazing and keeps my hydrated! I like to use it in my nighttime routine. My skin is still very much soft and not dry at all when I wake up. This can also be used as an eye makeup remover. Just dab some onto a cotton ball and swipe. Everything gone in one go, without the burn of hard chemicals. 
Third item on the list is a lipstick from the Kate Moss collection. This is shade 01 and is a great red for all those holiday events. The formula is very nourishing so it won’t dry your lips. Speaking of lips how could one forget to purchase a lip balm for the winter? I picked this up and am in love with it! EOS lip balm in flavor Blueberry Acai, yes I said flavor because after applying it reminds me of blueberry muffins!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks to Claudia for collaborating with me! Always a pleasure. 

xoxo Rouge

Saturday, November 15, 2014

MAC Winter Lipsticks '14!

Hello loves! Today I am collaberating with the lovely Rouge from RougeSalvatore. Thanks so much for the oppertunity and the chance to guest post on your blog! I wanted to share with you guys my four favorite winter themed lipsticks from MAC since the first day of winter is approaching (December 21 to be exact). For those of you who are obsessed over lipstick, I have the perfect shades for you to add to your collection. 
Winter time is mostly filled with a more neutral color palette. But for me I can't help but use my bright lipstick shades to add life back to my outfits. To find the perfect winter appropriate shades that I am constantly reaching towards watch my video down below! In this video I will show you four amazing colors from MAC that are available all year around that can become your new favorites too! In the video I also show you demos on how they look and appear on my own lips. Let us know which color is your favorite! 

What I'm Wearing: 
Top: Zara
Sweater: Banana Republic
Rings: H&M
Nail Polish: Style Cartel and Beyond Cozy both by Essie

MAC Lipsticks:

1. Velvet Teddy - Matte

2. Impassioned - Amplified

3. Heroine - Matte

4. Sin - Matte
Sugar Plum Lipliner - Milani

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Product Review: Tarte Cosmetics: Lights, Camera, LASHES Mascara!

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite a while. Well, school has been very tough for me and I have been swamped with midterms, research papers, and Shakespeare. Upper division classes are no joke people. I think I want to do a college series that will help incoming students get an idea of what college/uni is like from an English major's perspective. Interested? 
Anyway, moving right a long. About two weeks ago now I went to a music festival here in South Florida called Coral Skies. It was the best day EVER! Not only did I spend it with amazing people and was I able to hear amazing music I also got to meet two of my favorite performances/ bands.... Jack Antonoff of bleachers and Cage the Elephant!! I hugged all of the members (omg Matt and Brad Shultz!) and Nick Bockrath gave me his autographed beer bottle, what!
It was the best night ever...
Okay, now we will talk about the real purpose of this video and post. In my Beauty Haul I showed you guys that I had recently purchased the travel sized mascaras from benefit and tarte. Today I will be showing you a demo of the tarte mascara: Lights, Camera, LASHES! It was amazing and elongated my lashes so much with only two coats. I absolutely loved this mascara so much. The travel size is about $15 I believe. It is also very easy to take off the eyes and the brush application is perfect and gets into the small lashes at the corners without staining my lids. 
This mascara gets two thumbs up! 

What I'm Wearing:
Lipstick: Diva by MAC
Sweater: H&M
Nail Polish: White On by Sally Hansen