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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Blog Shop COMMING SOON!!

Hey guys! I have just started creating a blog shop wear you will be able to purchase and request the handcrafted apparel I will be making! I hope you guys like what I have in store for you! and remember I am open to ALL new ideas and requests! Hope you check out my blog shop once it's up and running. It'll be a big reveal in just a few weeks! Stay tuned and watch for the new blog! :D

Prices will be reasonable and apparel will be good quality.
For anyone who likes to have that unique, excentric, boho chic yet rocker chic and tribal style. I will have lots of options!

You guys don't know how excited I am to finally be able to create something that people will like! Let me know what you're style is! write a comment below!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Update video!

Hey guys! The most recent video is up now and it's a quick update of why I haven't really been able to get to posting anything new! I'm really sorry for the delay hope you guys understand! Be sure that I will be posting new things and ideas soon! I'll make a tradition to do it every Tuesday or some other night XD Love you all who read my blog. Let me know if you're still there!!

How to Use Hot Rollers Tutorial!

Using Hot Rollers Tutorial CLICK ME! To view the video :D

SO this is one of my recent Hair videos but it is also my FIRST! Hope you like it it's a little long and crazy and maybe a fail but I can't help but post it. Comment if you'd like more hair videos! And I want to know what you guys want to see in videos whether it's hair, make up, fashion, nails, or vlogs. Let me know.

Let the sunshine on you because you are perfect in your way :D