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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial!

Hello loves! Today I have a new makeup tutorial for you guys. Kylie Jenner has been an inspiration for me ever since her style developed into this amazing, edgy and risk-taking young woman. She has grown so much since the first time I saw her on Keeping up with the Kardashians. I absolutely love her style and the way her makeup is done. So I have decided to do this makeup tutorial based on one of her glamourous shoots.

Friday, May 16, 2014

GRWM Gaga Concert [Makeup + Outfit]

Hello lovelies! So today I have another video post for you guys! I've decided to continuing updating my blog this way because it is easier to talk about my video (and at the same time my life and what is going on this week) and I also think that sometimes people will want to see more pictures of a certain makeup look or item or they want to read more about it. My videos are usually around 5 minutes long (at least I like to keep the average amount of my videos in this time slot) because I want to give my audience a quick and easy tutorial whether it is hair, makeup, or an outfit. 
Longer videos are for product reviews that need more detail. And I am also venturing into the vlog department as well. I use this platform as a memory so that I can look back to all the wonderful moments in my life and see the process I went through, my first thoughts, and reactions. 
This is one of those moments. If you've been with me since I first started back in 2009-2010 then you'd know I love Lady Gaga (concerts in general but Gaga is #1). I had only been to one concert before in 2011 The Monster Ball (watch my old *cringe worthy* video here ). So when she announced her Born This Way Ball I was completely physched! But then she had to cancel because of her torn hip ligament or something like. Bummer!! Almost six months pass when she announces the Artpop Ball!! This one I could not miss! So a year later, May 4, 2014 (three years after The Monster Ball) I was seeing Mother Monster again. This time I had really great seats (curtosy of a black card that I will pay back at some point lol). I do wish that one day I can stand in the monster pit and look up three feet above me and see that blonde hair waving around franticlly. But this is all a dream (maybe?)
Anyway, I went with my sister, one of my friends, and my mom (yes! my momma haha she's a trooper for taking me to all these concerts but she likes Gaga I swear!). We had such a blast getting ready and during the show. 
I do have to mention this though, the opening act Lady Starlight, was a complete bust. I'm not sure if they were trying to go for that EDM/ rave music vibe but it sucked. At least for me it did. The beat was constant throughout the entire hour. My ears just didn't like it at all. But it made hearing Lady Gaga 10X better lol. 
Another thing I wanted to mention was that there were these two girls (girls? they were in their mid-twenties I believe) who were very rude to my mother. I get very protective and I hate when people talk down to my very educated, and respectable mother. There is no need for that. Especially in a Gaga concert where everyone is "equal". I don't judge people and I sure aren't rude to them (within and without of the concert). I expected more from this crowd because Gaga promotes this kindness, this respect, and this behavior to be considerate towards others. Nothing wrong with dancing and having a good time in your seat . But please, don't block the view of others by standing in the aisles (something that isn't really allowed anyway) and waving your arms up so much that no one can get a good picture. (Almost all my pictures have an arm in the way. I know it's uncontrollable but these people were really excessive. I love throwing my arms up in the air too but I am aware that I am not the only one there. There are others who want to take pictures, who want to see, and want to dance. Who am I to impede them from having a good time? They didn't come to see me dance or sing, they paid money to see the artist and that's what we need to think about before we disturb the crowd around us. We are all there to see the artist so let's enjoy and be considerate). 
Okay, now that my rant is over back to the Gaga Concert. It was incredible. Most of her songs are very sexual so it's a bit embarrassing to sit next to your mother while she sings XXX Dreams and G.U.Y, ect. But what can you do! Gaga was very beautiful with her 10 (?) costume changes and 16 (?) songs. I especially loved the beginning outfit and the ending outfit! I thought she looked gorgeous. 
With the Artrave she went with a very physchodelic/ Alice in Wonderland/ high on drugs feel. It was very bubbly and artsy (lol she made a comment about that during the show). I loved it but God do I wish she spoke to the audience more. In the Monstar Ball she would stop after each song or two and speak to us, just talking and incouraging. She did do that right before she sang BTW but I wanted to hear her speak more. I feel like this ball didn't have a story line (like there wa in TMB) but I still loved it and had a wonderful time. I just hope that next time it's a bit more planned out. 

So when I got home that night (around 1:30 am) I laid in bed to think about what and how I would make this video for you guys. I knew I wanted to because I loved the makeup I came up with but I wanted it to be as fun as possible. So I did something different and I filmed outside! The lighting is so perfect that you guys are going to wish/force me to film outside more often. I think I will soon enough. At least for my outfit videos. I really hope you guys like this video. If you guys read this whole post then you deserve a gold star and a cookie because, Jesus, this is long. 
If you didn't I don't blame you at all. That's why I have this video for you guys!
I know it's a bit on the longer side but to exclude something would make it less perfect and I can't do that. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do in the comments below or on youtube. 
Have a wonder weekend beautifuls and remember 
Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Makeup Tutorial (Day Time Look)

Hello lovelies! So maybe I'm ahead of myself but I decided to film a Summer Makeup Day Time Look. I love summer and have been thinking of different makeup ideas to do. If you guys would like to see a Summer Night Time Makeup Look then please comment down below or thumbs this video up! 
But today I will show you my very easy, simple day time look that literally takes 10 minutes to achieve. 
Since it is so hot here in South Florida I wanted to give this makeup option since it's more of a "barely there" look. I decided to go with my BB Cream from L'oreal so I didn't have a thick layer of foundation during the day which would probably melt off from the heat of the sun. 
I used as little makeup as possible because sweating will make your makeup disappear. (To avoid this add a translucent powder once you're done and don't forget a setting spray. I use the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray.) 
Don't forget to prime your lids with a good primer (either from MAC or L'oreal) so your eyeshadow stays on all day long! To keep a fresh face I used a lot of mascara to give my lashes volume and length. If you like wearing fake lashes then you can definitely add them as well. (I apologize for not adding them in the video but for some reason I was having a very difficult time putting them on). 
To finish off with a sun-kissed looked I added one of my favorite bronzers, Casino by Nars, and I also added some blush, Fleur Power by MAC, to the apples of my cheeks. 
To illuminate my face I used Mary-Lou-Minizer by the balm on my cheek bones and brow bones. The light reflects off of this so beautifully! It has to be one of my favorite highlighters so far. 
Summer time for me is all about color so I went with this shiny iridescent purple with tiny specs of shimmer. It is a pro shade so I bought it online (it's also an amplified finish so it has a shine to it). 

This is my favorite makeup look because it is simple yet pretty for a day out with friends, shopping, or coming from the beach. You don't need much to achieve it which are my favorite kinds of looks. Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial! Let me know in the comments below. 
If you'd like to see a Lipstick Collection then let me know in the comments below or with a thumbs up!

Products Used:

 MAC Primer "Painterly"
MAC Eyeshadow "Bronze" (Frost Finish)
Maybelline Mascara "Full 'N Soft
NYX Eyeshadow Pencil "Milk"

***Optional: 122 Ardell Lashes***

Nars Bronzer "Casino"
MAC Blush "Fleur Power"
The Balm "Mary Lou Manizer" (Highlighter)

Violetta by MAC

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Sister Series: Get To Know My Sister!

Hello loves! So I just wanted to update you guys on one of my new series! It has been so much fun making videos with my sister! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do. Today I am finally introducing my best friend, my sister, Teresa! Here's a quick 25 Facts about my sister video for you guys to learn a little bit more about her. Enjoy!!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Forever 21

Nails: Licorice by Essie

Lipstick: Pure Zen by MAC

What Teresa is Wearing:

Top: Cotton On

Cardigan: Ann Taylor

Nails: Lapis of Luxuary by Essie

Lipstick: Schiap by NARS