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Monday, January 31, 2011

February Want list

This is what I'm looking for this month ( not that I wont buy anything else ;) Enjoy :P Florals and long necklaces

Totally obsessed with florals at the moment and long necklaces. Articles of clothing: Shorts! Jewelry:Necklaces: Pendant type:Elephants, Pandas, Feathers and leaves.
I can't help it it's a habit ;PP Enjoy The Loveeee Month!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So while on my search for inspiration I've beensearching through KarenB's blog and one of her posts has not left my head! From her "August 9, 2009-get dressed, let's go for a drink" post I saw her wear a cheetah print leotard under her loose tank. I fell in love with that idea! Another I've seen (which isn't too new) is wearing a corset. Taylor Momsen wears a few as the new face for the Material Girl line of Madonna and Daughter Lourdes aka Lola. But I'd pair it under a loose shirt or a tanktop that has wide arm holes. I think it's such a better way to wear it! A corset by itself is amazing but wayy too sexy for me right now.  If anyone knows where to get some corsets(which I'm talking about the ones that are to wear as a shirt not the lingerie ones.) or leotards that have girlie designs Please let me know where to buy them. For now I know Macy's sells them and the Material Girl line does too. But I just want other options Thanks :)

 Lace under a white button down

 Karen wears a Leotard. {Not my pictures visit her blog @}

 Lace corset

Taylor in one of the Material Girl Ads Corset under leather jacket.

Red hearts corset

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outfit of the Night: January 14,2011:My own Photographer

 As my own photographer I find it extremely hard to get really good pictures of my outfits. There's about 100 on my camera and 100 more on the laptop camera. And between those I have to decide on about 10 to show you guys. Hopefully you can see what I was wearing and hopefully I get my own photographer soon. Even if it is just one of my friends. :) So I wore a really casual but girly outfit. I love it so much! Enjoy my artsy and creative photos. Bare with me!

Rings:Forever 21
Shirt:NY Thrift store
Jegging jeans:Forever21
Super simple eye makeup, purple shadow stick, eyeliner, mascara, and an apricot lipstick(that sorta wore off)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The New Yorker

 New York! One of the greatest cities in the world! And one of the best places to shop for awesome, eclectic  pieces of clothing! Oh I loved shopping there, hundreds of people on the streets, crowded in the stores(okay I didn't like that part. It's hard to get what you want and not get thrown on the floor lol) But I know it's worth the risk. Here are my favorite finds from my trip to NY. I can't wait to go back and thrift around new places! :) Happy Shopping!!

 Awesome thrift store find :)

 On sale at H&M (still haven't worn any of these clothes) 

H&M Find :) (Tags still on)
 Another great Thrift store find.(Looks like F21 cardi. But isnt!)


 Another amazing score at Thrift store. (Vintage Moschino!! :D)

 Far Left:H&M Far Right: Forever21

 Forever21 Necklace

2 In the front are from thrift stores.

 The rest Forever21

Projects:Part 2

So these are more articles of clothing I am currently working on. :) But for the lack of supplies can not finish anytime soon :( Here's the progress.
From this to that:
1.White Jean Jacket to vest. Studs and distress(coming soon)

2.Light Blue Jean Jacket to Vest. Studs and distress(coming soon)

3.Dark wash flare jeans to Skinny Jeans. Distress and other stuff(coming soon)

4.Sorta distressed capris into folded short shorts! :) 

More to come! ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

YouTube Channel: BAMqween2025

  So today I decided to tell you all about my Youtube Channel. I started making videos a long time ago back in 2008 I think. And at first it started with having like a make-shift TV show of my friends and I. That died after a year and though me and my sister tried to revive it with new friends it just didn't work. So I moved on to making make-up videos and now more fashion oriented videos. I love the Outfit Of The Day and Hauls so I started off with that, and now I'm including making How-to videos! I love being creative though I suck at actual presentation and stuff like that. I hope you guys check it out and I will be super duper happy and grateful. :) Thank you